Abstracts - Call for Papers

Scientific Contributions

Abstracts for scientific contributions and workshops can only be submitted online via the conference website (My Conference). It, as well as the registration for the conference, will be available from 14 February 2022. The deadline for submission is 31 May 2022.

Feedback on the acceptance of the contributions will be given by 4 July 2022.

Submitting single contributions (lecture, poster)

Please select the file name of your abstract accoding to "surename_short_title.docx" and upload this file into our system

For the submission of individual scientific papers and papers in the workshops mentioned below, please use the electronic Word document template, which is available on the homepage. There, you will also find more detailed information on the design of the abstract. Submitted abstracts should not exceed 1 page and can be written in German or English. Before uploading, please name your abstract file according to "surename_short_title.docx".
On submitting your abstract, you have the possibility to enter the type of the contribution, either as a lecture or poster. The actual form of presentation at the conference will be determined by the scientific committee depending on the specific programme schedule.


Submission of workshops

A workshop (60-90 min) submission consists of several (4-5) thematically bundled individual contributions from different working groups. The leader of a workshop submits a description of the workshop with a concise description of the content, for which the abstract template (without structure specifications) can be used as well.

In order to invite speakers to your workshop, these need to have registered and activated their account on our website.

For questions please contact the conference office.



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